There are 40 bending magnets, 16 standard straights (6.5 meters) and 4 long straights (12 meters) along the ring, so more than 60 beamlines could be installed in the ring, where 26 of them will be based on insertion devices(by installing two mini-gap undulators for several straights), 36 lines are based on bending magnets and several infrared beamlines are available too. SSRF will also include 7 initial beamlines and experimental stations. These 7 beamlines are used for macromolecular crystallography, XAFS, hard X-ray microfocus, X-ray imaging and biomedical application, soft X-ray spectromicroscopy, diffraction and small angle X-ray scattering respectively. The former five beamlines are based on insertion devices, and other two are based on bending magnets.