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[2013-01-07] SSRF Operates in Top-Up Mode
[2012-11-19] The MEDSI 2012 Successfully Held at Shanghai
[2012-11-19] National Synchrotron School with Focus on X-ray Diffraction
[2012-11-01] Science in the Chinese Academy of Sciences: SSRF
[2012-10-26] Crystal structure of a bacterial homologue of glucose transporters GLUT1®C4
[2012-10-26] Structural insight into the type-II mitochondrialNADH dehydrogenases
[2012-06-30] A novel principle of seeded free electron lasers demonstrated at SINAP
[2012-06-29] Chitin-Induced Dimerization Activates a Plant Immune Receptor
[2012-06-04] Research on the production process of Chinese Early Brass
°™°™The Native Origin of Metallurgy in China
[2012-05-02] Japan MEXT delegation visits SSRF
[2012-04-13] Signing of MoU between SINAP and CLS
[2012-03-11] Structure and mechanism of a glutamate®CGABA antiporter
[2012-02-29] Structural basis of ultraviolet-B perception by UVR8
[2012-02-22] Reemergence of superconductivity at 48K in compressed iron selenide based superconductors
[2012-02-17] Vice-Premier LI Keqiang Visits SSRF
[2011-12-06] Graphene chiral liquid crystals and macroscopic assembled fibres
[2011-06-12] Structural insight into brassinosteroid perception by BRI1
[2011-02-10] Structure of MyTH4-FERM Domains in Myosin VIIa Tail Bound to Cargo
[2011-01-27] Structural basis for site-specific ribose methylation by box C/DRNA protein complexes
[2011-01-18] Oncometabolite 2-Hydroxyglutarate Is a Competitive Inhibitor of α-Ketoglutarate - Dependent Dioxygenases
[2011-09-26] Structureofafucosetransporterinanoutward-openconformation
[2010-09-06] Interface-Confined Ferrous Centers for Catalytic Oxidation
[2010-08-29] Structural insights into the assembly and activation of IL-1b with its receptors
[2010-04-30] Crystal Structure of the Caenorhabditis elegans Apoptosome Reveals an Octameric Assembly of CED- 4